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Teddy Girl Puppet Planter

This Amazingly cute Little Puppet Girl / Boy Gardener Planter is a fusion of traditional pot with contemporary creative look. This puppet planters are made of strong and durable Glass Fiber, so can be used outdoors with soil inside. The pot with base diameter of 9.5" can be placed inside this planter. It is placed on metal stand to give it a good height for the planter and easy to move. This cute, joyful and colourful looking puppet planter add new life to your garden area. The special coating o

Wooden Damaru shape Sitting

This Handmade Unique wooden stool in the shape of an Indian drum or "nagada" is perfect for low sitting. The sitting is made from mango wood with hand painted on top and natural finish. The fine floral style embossed painting work done on the top, on the sides and down on the stand.

Wooden Opium Leg Stool with Brass Fitted

This square shape Wooden stool with Opium Legs is made of sheesham wood. It has brass work fittings with floral designs on the top. An ethnic piece of furniture to add beauty to a your modern living room.

Elephant Shape Double Headed Wooden Bowl With Brass Finish

The specially crafted beautiful wooden bowls with elephant faces are very rich and elegant. It is a boat being guided by elephants on both ends. They are a perfect combination of Indian old traditional workmanship and modern decorative artifacts. This beautiful artifact makes your home a more beautiful place with a perfect interior décor. The elephant shape wooden bowl with embossing work of motif in brass, creates a strong declaration on any table.

Iron Pot With Fine Embossing Work

These various size Corner Pillar pots made from Iron are very much contemporary style. The black brass antique finish combined with metallic pastel colours make it look unique. The embossed painting work with different pastel metallic colours, golden colour of Peacock and floral designs add charm to the pot. These are ideal to fill up the corner area of any room. It can be placed single or in collage in living area, bed room, lobby area, pooja room, etc just like that. Or one can also place bunc

Iron Standing Musician Man

Here are Iron statues of Standing Musical Men. They artifacts are made from the light weight Iron metal with antique green finish. The metal body has self embossing work of floral design on it. These set of 3 standing men can be placed all together in long niche area, or in group of 2 or can be placed separately in different niche areas.

Black Metalic Vase with Golden Work

These are stylish metallic vase with the carved floral design in gold colour. They are very much contemporary style available in white and black colour.

Iron Shirt Shape Flower Vase In Blue Finish

Antique Blue finish Iron flower vase is very much contemporary in style. This Shirt shape curved vase has an embossing work of colourful metal leaves on it. It can be placed in the corner of living area, bed room area, on the staircases, in the foyer area.

Iron Square Kudia Pot in Rust Green Finish

The hand painted square kudia / pot in rust green colour is made from iron. The multi colour design of embossing work gives it an antique look. These different size kudias will blend with any kind of style and add ethnic contemporary touch to your decor. They can be placed separately or in group to give depth.

Wooden Peacock Stool with Floral Design Brass Fitted

This is an ethnic piece of beautifully designed wooden coffee table. This peacock shape table is made of solid sheesham wood with brass fitted stunning floral design carved on the top. This wooden sitting looks very contemporary but adds an Indian touch to your living room.

Page 1 of 10 Page(s): 99 Records in total


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