Handpainted Wooden Door

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Mughal style painting is generally confined to miniatures. Mughal-style miniature paintings are still being created by a small number of artists in Rajasthan. Wood craft has been an integral part of the rich tradition in India. Gujarat and Rajasthan have a rich heritage of hand painted wood furniture. The craft used in the artifacts here is generally characterized by its use of bright colours and motifs. The intricately decorated doors inspire the viewer to set out and explore the world and to appreciate the beauty of even something as simple as a door. This Mughal style door can be used as a frame / artifact on wall of living area, lobby area. It will enhance the wall and adds our rich heritage value to the decor. It can also be used as a door frame. These are marvelous artifacts for hotel, restaurants having Indian ethnic decor.

Size: H72" x W32" x D4"