Stone Oil Diya/Candle Stand/Stone Spice Plate

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We currently have 1 in stock.
We currently have 1 in stock.

A nice looking stone plate or chutney bowl tray. This is round shape bowl or tray which is used for different purpose in ancient days. These are very old stone trays, bowls or plates used for spices and various chutney sauces. They are from Southern India and hand chiseled out of stone and then waxed or stained to achieve their darkened color. There are chunks missing on the edges of both pieces, as well as scrapes, gouges and missing finish. Earlier this stone plate were used to cook apam, which is famous dish of south india. But now a days this stone plate have several uses. It can be used for tea light holder or candles to enhance your interior. Or it can also be used as an artifact which will give a antique look to your area. It can be a perfect use at dinner table to lit the candles on it.