Origin of Heritance

Hello Friends. We Aparna and Divyesh Shah welcome you to the world of the art pieces which only spell one thing, INDIA ! Our rich heritage, a keen sense of people’s love for their culture and fantastic skills with hands as well with tools make a potent combination for making beautiful, durable and very pocket friendly master - pieces. When we started decorating our new abode, we had made a promise to ourselves that our home will reflect not only our affinity towards arts but also our love for the Indian art. But sadly we were made aware by the market that in Mumbai, Indian art is not as freely or as widely available as those run of the mill foreign furniture and show -pieces. And we were disappointed.

Gladly this disappointment jarred us to think, 'why can’t we do something about it?’ Thus our 1st baby was born & we named it, ‘Heritance Art and Craft’.

After visiting different cultural centers of India we came across the hidden talent which was never given their dues. So Heritance took this initiative of giving a very sound platform to these true artists of our country who are working day and night to keep our culture & heritage alive.

Name Heritance

The word Heritance is developed from the Words “Heritage” and “Inheritance”.As the name suggests, it’s all about we providing some assistance in acquiring those heritage products, which was something passed down to us from our previous generations, and also delivering the same Legacy of Indian Art and Craft to our future generations.

Our vision

"A Legacy Called Art" Our vision is to promote Indian Art and Artisans universally, through our platform, by creating bonding between customers and artisans.

Why to choose Heritance?

At Heritance, we offer the products ranging from Miniature Art, Contemporary Art, Refurbished Artifacts to Large Sculptures and Paintings of different Indian style. But rest assured our team carefully and selectively picking each and every piece keeping in mind our lifestyle, rich traditions and heritage.

We very proudly welcome all the aficionadas to this sprawling 2000 sq.ft showroom situated in the heart of our city, Laxmi Industrial Estate, Andheri, where some 200 odd tastefully done pieces are strategically arranged to appeal to your senses.

Heritance Team

Pioneered by Aparna who is an Engineer by profession and her husband Divyesh Shah, a Consultant & Developer by profession, Heritance Art and Craft is also associated with well known architects and interior designers across the country.