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Antique Finish Nandi Statue

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In spirituality Nandi represents an individual 'jiva' (soul) and the message that the 'jiva' should always be focused on the 'Atman' (Paramatman). From the yogic perspective, Nandi is the mind dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Absolute. In other words, to understand and absorb Light, the 'experience and the wisdom' is Nandi which is the Guru within. This classic pose of decorated antique finish Nandi in the form a contemporary artifact which can be placed in Entrance Lobby, Garden, Swimming pool area, Open Deck Area, Indoor Lobby Area. Due to its carved stonework and beautiful finish, these artifacts will add the royal look, elegance and beauty to any traditional or contemporary style of interior decor. Then these Jaisalmer Nandi / Marble Nandi with Antique finish looks beautiful with bright colours will fill the surroundings with the spirituality.

Size : H12" W15" D7"