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Boating in Yamuna

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We currently have 1 in stock.

Another one from the series of Miniature Art. In India, the Rajasthani artist produced paintings in a new distinctive style, inspired by the royal and romantic lives of the Mughals. They took the art to a different level and produced particular miniature paintings in their own style using strong lines and bold colours. These were known as Rajput or Rajasthani miniature art. The colours are made from minerals, vegetables, precious stones, as well as pure silver and gold.

It is been said that during summer season, Lord Krishna and his beloved Radhaji were used of sailing through Yamuna River and enjoy the cool breeze and seek pleasure. In this stone colour painting on paper, Krishna and Radha are shown enjoying the boating-pastimes with Gopies at Yamuna ghat. During this ride, Radha and Krishna are deeply in love while Gopies are singing songs lingered with love and dancing. The artist has shown the each and very fine details in this painting. This painting is nicely finished and has intricate pattern that compliment its beauty.

This painting is created using colours derived from precious and semi-precious gemstones. This keeps the painting looking vibrant and vivid for a long time. This colourful painting can adorn your living area, bed room or the lobby area. It enhances the decor of the hotel / restaurant / any commercial reception area or the office area.