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Bottle Shape Terracotta Hand Painted Earthen Vases With Madhubani Handpainting

Rs. 1,450
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This yellow colour Terracotta vase with modern elephant painted on it is perfect for any modern interior. An Indian Contemporary touch of Madhubani style hand painting done on the vase makes it very elegant. The Madhubani style of painting is inspired from the historic art of Madhuban. The rich yellow on this bottle shape vase with a stout red rim feels like the glow of the morning sun. This vase has been hand embellished with their rustic paintings in miniature forms depicting the auspicious elephant, bringing in the mood of celebration and festivities. It can be used as an artifact for table & shelf decor or for office decor. One can also use it as a corner decor with the long artificial flower sticks placed inside. It will definitely be a perfect piece of attraction for your guests. This Decorative vase is perfect gift for wedding, house warming, Anniversary and festive occasions