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Brass Uruli

Rs. 3,500
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A name with a South Indian essence. A must in a South-Indian homes but never the less can bring the rich culture & simplicity of its native base to any art lover's abode. In old times, this was a large cast brass cooking pot from Southern India known locally as an urli. Pots were placed directly on a fire and large meals were prepared for special events. Nowadays because of its beautiful form its used as a decorative element in households. These Brass Urlis occupy a place of interest in the living room or at the entrance to a home. They can be filled with fragrant, colourful fresh flowers or is filled with water in which floating candles or flowers are dispersed aesthetically. These can be put in any room of the house or as part of outside interior also.

These plain urlis without handle are very contemporary and easily merge with current styles of interior. They are made from good quality of Brass and are available in different sizes.