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Buddha Head with Lapis work

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We currently have 1 in stock.

Buddha sculptures are artistic bodily representations of Gautama Buddha or Prince Siddhartha, who founded Buddhism. Like the religious gospel, that is more on the lines of an atheistic philosophy, the Buddha statues carved also symbolize similar ideologies. This is a truly special item full of vast amounts of love and blessings which will be bringing in the positive good energies into your life or someone you care about.

A bronze head of Buddha with almond-shaped eyes, heavy lids and arched brows, a long angular nose and gently smiling mouth, framed by elongated ears and tightly curled hair. Buddha Statues/ Buddha Head are handmade wonders of great skill and dedication. Each Buddha Sculpture is unique and special. On these Buddha sculpture inlay work using precious or semi precious stones was done to further enhance the sculpture.

As you can see the image, It was created by skilled craftsmen in traditional style with fine handcrafts. Buddha statues are more of an interior decor item today. The artistic pursuits have increased and hence, the human form is often found etched on wood, of different varieties. This Bronze Buddha Head will enhance your interior like Living Room, Or as an artifact to keep it on corner stand, or Hotel Entrance Lobby area. It also makes a perfect gift for any one.