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Buddha in Bronze

Rs. 46,000
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This indeed a marvelous sculpture of Earth Touching Buddha or Earth witness Buddha. Made from Brass material with Brass, Golden & Antique finish. Hand-finished, minor variations and imperfections add to the artistic character of each piece. The Buddha is gracefully draped in an rob having minute carving done on it. He is elegantly sitting in double lotus position on a finely carved lotus stand. This is the most common pose found in Thai temples, with the legs crossed, the left hand palm upright in his lap, and the right hand touching to the ground with the palm facing inward toward the Buddha. His right hand hangs over his knee, fingertips pointing to the ground in Bhumisparsha Mudra. This mudra symbolizes enlightenment, as well as steadfastness as it is associated with subduing the daemon Mara. A bowl of herbs rests in the left hand in his lap. This is one of the kind art work, a collectible and easily go with any style of decor. Normally the Buddha statue is placed facing into your room or at entrance of home where it should face those entering. Enhance your Home living area, any Hotel / Office Entrance Lobby Area with this graceful New, Rare & Lucky Buddha Statue, symbol of peace and harmony.