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Dancing Lady (A.F.)

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We currently have 2 in stock.

The royal courts were known to have their own set of artists. It always marked their pride of possession. Here marble is given a very distinct polish to give old times charm to these ladies' figures. Where one is seen with the Veena and other holding a 'kalash' both in dancing viewures.

The erotic art at Khajuraho is considered to represent the pinnacle of love and passion. This marble statue of apsara carrying pot of madira in her hand is exclusively designed. Designed to perfection, this statue depicts the clear facial expressions as well as dancing traits. Standing in a fascinating pose and holding string instrument in her hand. These statues reflects the creative work and are appreciated for durability and flawless look.. This apsara statue reflects the Khajuraho artists' close observation of female life and faculty to express it on the pieces of stones.

These products are known for their attractive appearance, excellent surface finish and optimum durability. Marble Lady Statues, which is primarily used to enhance the decor of the interior. These statues are beautifully carved in white marble in varied dimensions with the aid of our seasoned craftsmen. These products are extensively used in homes, offices and other places.

These statues are known for their attractive designs, excellent surface finish and long lasting nature. Moreover, these are instrumental in enhancing the decor of the houses and offices.The statues are detailed very carefully and serves as decorative as well as gift item for various occasions. This beautifully crafted statues are indeed expression of one's artistic taste.