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Dev Dasi in Red

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A perfect replica of master craftsmanship !!

The Khajuraho temples were built between 950 and 1050 AD, during the Chandella dynasty. While the structure reveals the best of ancient Hindu design, the Khajuraho statues signify the best of individual expertise, efficiency and information of individual human body. 

Nicely engraved from the pieces of sandstones, these Khajuraho statues display the woman in a captivating posture. These beautiful women / apsaras in Red Stone are standing in fascinating poses, like 'Suswagatm' (Welcoming) pose, 'Lekhika' (Writer) pose, 'Shringar - Combing her Hair' (getting ready) pose, etc.

In Suswagatam, the woman is gracefully greeting the guest in dancing pose.

In other 2 statues, the woman is shown in various dancing pose standing under the bent branch of a tree. In the Lekhika pose, the Apsara is in deep thinking pose writing love letter. The hanging dupatta on her hand, 'Kalam' (pen) in her right hand and book in her left emphasizes on her writing mood to a great extent. In Shringar pose, Apsara is shown in charming pose while combing / drying her hair and waiting for her lover.

These statues are hand carved by the skilled artisans. this statue interprets the erotic carvings. One of the most beautiful creation provided with long lasting grace & splendor, this statue is enhances the decor and can be used for gifting purpose. This statue of Apsara is an epitome of matchless design & artistry. Embellished with various etched jewelery pieces and standing in a mesmerizing pose, these statues are ideal for lobby areas, entrance area of hotels, museums, gardens, abodes and other places.