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We currently have 1 in stock.
We currently have 1 in stock.
You are looking at a wonderfully detailed hand carved wood statue of a Fisherman with pole and fish. This sculpture with detailed carving is brilliantly hand crafted and detailed by our own master craftsmen.
The Sculpture has 4 pieces which include the old man, the man's hat, his pole, and his bucket with hanging rope. This is a balanced sculpture. His pole has a small notch near the end for his hanging bucket that ensures balance. The old fisherman had a great day fishing - he is smiling and holding his catch in his left hand near his leg.
The wood of the sculpture is very dark brown in colour giving blackish look. The carving is well done showing great facial expression. This miniature statue can be placed in Living room, Hotel Lobby interior, Study Room, etc. It can also be a good gift for your loved and dear ones. It is available in two different sizes.