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Fusion of Dhokra Art and Warali in Handpainted Wooden Frame

Rs. 2,400
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This is an unique folk art wall hanging which has fusion of 2 Indian rural artforms; Dhokra art and Rajasthani painting style. Dhokra art is an ancient metal casting technique. Originally a tribal art, this technique is used to cast the brass metal to make artifacts.

Using this classic art, an intricate work on brass is done to make beautiful artifacts. This dhokra art brass design is framed in Rajastani style. The dhokra art frame revels the life of a working people in village, the group of tribal musicians, dancers, etc. The wooden frame is handpainted in rajasthani bright colours with embossing motif work done on it. The frames are available in different size, shape and colours. It is perfect gift on the occasion of housewarming, anniversary, birthday for the people who love ancient art work and also the people who love fusion of art work.