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Hand Painted Shreenath ji Painting

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We currently have 2 in stock.
We currently have 2 in stock.

a very simple way to have lots of fun !!

 When glass and paints are combined, they create amazing works of art. You can create a beautiful painting in a day. A little bit patience for a day, somewhat hard work and an amazing glass painting is ready. Generally Acrylic colours are used for glass painting and they are not mixed with the water.

In this frame, the artist has painted Lord Shreenathji very well on the toughened glass. He has used very subtle colours to give peaceful feelings, calm feelings in the surrounding. Embossing work in the painting adds the life in to it. This very subtle colour on Glass makes a very amazing wall hanging. This gorgeous handpainted art piece is suitable for traditional, Indian contemporary interior decor.

 Small but very beautiful wall hanging.