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Hanging Spider Planter

Rs. 10,500
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These very unique hanging bird planters are made out of up cycled scrape tyres. They are nice contemporary hangers for small, hanging plants, creepers / climbers or any bonsai, any decorative flowers, just as pot holder. These cute, joyful and colourful looking planters, be it indoor or outdoor, add colours, creative look, freshness, new life to your Terrace Garden, Balcony, Porticos, Lawns, Drawings Rooms. They are available in vibrant multi colours and various bird shapes like Parrot, Roosters, Spiders, Humming Bird, etc. They are available with S-hook for hanging easily adjustable outdoor chain for upward/downward facing bird. The tire is painted with special coating of paint which makes it rust resistant, weather proof, so maintenance free. An ideal gift for anyone with the gardening passion, any nature lover.

Size : H15" x W44" x D7"