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Krishna Statue in Poly marble

Rs. 51,000
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A holy name known not only to the Indians but to the rest of the world as well. On the first glance itself this particular sculpture casts some magic spell with its subtle & beautiful colours used. A true portrayal of Indian spirituality with a modern creative approach. Here MANMOHANA Lord Krishna seen blissfully being in his own element in his classic pose playing the flute, with a holy cow in the background. Beautiful peacock is also seen besides Lord Krishna enjoying the mesmerizing music of his flute. A fine representation of beautiful carving. The stand on which the statue is placed is also nicely carved with bright colours.

 This statue is suitable for traditional as well as Indian Contemporary. One can place it in living area in corner or at the entrance of any lobby area, reception area, hotel area. One can place it in Puja room also for daily worshipping.