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Mural - Indian Wedding Procession

Rs. 16,000
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This is a classic light weight metal mural of an Indian Traditional Wedding Procession. In this frame, the Groom is riding the horse with one person carrying royal Umbrella above him indicating his royal status. His Bride is sitting in 'Dolly' carried by 2 local people. There are musicians playing various instruments and walking in front of the Procession. The vibrant colours used by artist indicate that the procession is of Rajasthani wedding. This mural is an exclusive artifact in itself for a complete wall in a living area. With metalic colours, this mural can easily fit in all kinds of surroundings. Various hues of metalic colours uses in this can change the mood of your room. It enhances the decor of your home / office when placed in lobby area also. Surely, your guests, visitors going to admire it. This one is very good for art lover or to gift your near and dear ones !

Size: H22" x W48" x D2"