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We currently have 1 in stock.
We currently have 1 in stock.

Pattachitra style of painting is thousand years old and most popular tribal art forms of Odisha. Pattachitra is basically a  traditional cloth-based scroll painting; patta meaning canvas, and chitra meaning picture, painting done on canvas. This style of painting is manifested by rich colourful application. All colours used in the Paintings are prepared from naturally available raw materials. Paintings are made fully old traditional way by the Oriya Painters. The creation of the Pattachitra paintings is a disciplined art form, and painters maintain rigidity in their use of colours and patterns, restricting the colours to a single tone. In spite of limitations and bounded by rules, the painters come up with such remarkable paintings depicting stark emotional expressions.

Here this small frame shows the size does not matter to the Oriya painters. The painter has painted the procession of elephants very nicely and clearly in this small size frame. A very lovely Indian traditional gift for any festive season, any occasion.