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We currently have 1 in stock.

This stunning box of rectangular casket shape stands on a pedestal shaped base with a carved edge and has finely carved to the center of each of the four sides with relief carved columns to the four corners. The box has brass fitted lock and catch and has a red velvet lining applied to the inside. The box is not marked.
Box carved from exceptionally fragrant sandalwood from the Southern Indian city of Mysore. Each side has carvings of animals depicting scenes from Indian mythology. Feet are stylized elephants. Inside has single removable drawer box with velvet lining. Relief carved wooden hinged box with relief carved scenes to lid and sides depicting people, trees and pagodas. A beautifully carved wooden box with lined lid and base.
Surrounding this is an elaborate pattern of flowers, which cascade down the sides of the lid to decorate the sides of the box as well. It explains the immutable laws of Nature. You can use it as a jewel box or keepsake box or any other box in which you want to keep some important things. It can also be used to hold the bangles by putting removable bangle holder in it. One can use it to place clothes, jewelry for God Idol, things required for Pooja, etc. Kids can use it put their treasures like coins, toys. It has an exquisitely smooth finish that is pleasing to the touch and an elegant shape that is pleasing to the eye.