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Pichwai Collection Stone Colour on Cloth

Rs. 43,000
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Rajasthan is famous for miniature art painting. This style of painting was further developed using strong lines and bold colours set in harmonious patterns. The paintings from Nathdwara, the Pichhwais are created on cloth using natural colours, like colours from vegetables, stones. In the miniatures painted during the time of the Rajput kings have generally depicted the life style of the kings. Sawari Of Maharaja and Procession Painting, a big wall size miniature painting on cloth depicts royal mughal procession. It features the ruler proudly riding his richly adorned Elephant with his queen. His high status is shown from the richness of the palace in the background of the procession. This amazing painting being unique by border the artist has drawn around it with the faces of the objects from the painting. Best suited for interior decoration of homes, hotels, resorts, offices.

Size: H23" x W47" x D1"