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Pleasant Morning

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We currently have 1 in stock.

The Miniature art painting was introduced to India in the sixteenth century, by the Mughal ruler Humayun from Persia. Miniature art is also known as Fine Art. A fine miniature has an extremely detailed work and hence can be magnified many times and it will still hold together as a fine work of art of much greater size. In India, the artist from Rajasthan took the art from here on and produced particular miniature in their own style using strong lines and bold colours. These were known as Rajput or Rajasthani miniature art. The colours are made from minerals, vegetables, precious stones, as well as pure silver and gold.

This is an amazing stone colour painting of 'Krishna on one fine pleasant summer morning' on paper, created by well known artist from industry. The artist has shown Lord Krishna and Balram with their friends and the Cows, their Wealth, on their way to jungle. Surrounded by His cows, Lord Krishna enjoys pastimes on the Yamuna’s banks. Other cowherds taking care of cows in the pasturing ground. Krishna would play his flute while on these trips around Vrindavan.  The cows and even the Cowherd Maidens (Gopinis) are shown getting enchanted with the divine sound of Krishna's flute. The flora and the fauna in the region always felt at peace in the presence of Krishna. Flowers would bloom, birds would start chirping endlessly and animals used to prance around in joy. Krishna would in turn acknowledge their happiness and smile and bless them in return. In this Miniature art, the artist has shown every minute details very nicely and clearly.

It is a special painting created by using precious and semi-precious gemstones colours. No artificial/synthetic colors used. Use of natural colors, derived from gem stones, keeps the painting looking vibrant and vivid for a long time. This colourful painting can adorn your living area, puja room or the lobby area. It enhances the decor of the hotel / restaurant / any commercial reception area or the office area.