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Presence of Powerful Krishna

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Miniature art is also known as Fine Art. The art of Miniature painting was introduced to the land of India in the sixteenth century, by the Mughal ruler Humayun from Persia. Taking the art from here on, artists in India produced paintings in a new distinctive style, inspired by the royal and romantic lives of the Mughals. The particular miniature produced by Indian artists in their own style using strong lines and bold colours set in harmonious patterns is known as Rajput or Rajasthani miniature. Rajasthan is one of the pioneer seats of miniature paintings in India. Along with Nathdwara, this art form is evolved here in the whole Marwar-Mewar region. Nathdwara is famous for representations of Shreenathji.

This is paper based stone colour painting of Shreenathji. Use of natural colors, derived from gem stones, keeps the painting looking vibrant and vivid for a long time.. The painting is nicely finished and has intricate pattern that compliment its beauty. Shreenathaji is an incarnation of Krishna, manifest as a seven-year-old child. It is worshipped mainly in Gujarat and Rajasthan. Reference of Shreenathji can be found in ancient texts and literature. Shreenathji specifically refers to wherein Krishna lifts Govardhan hill to protect the inhabitants of Vrindavan from a downpour of rain sent by Indra. The main attractions of Shreenathji are the Aartis and the Shringar, i.e. the dressing and beautifying of the idol of Shreenathji, treating it as a living child, adorning it with the appropriate dresses commensurate to the time of day or night. 

This beautiful fine art is created by well known artist from industry. Here the presence of Lord Krishna and Shreenathiji make all Gopies to dance and all the musician to play their instruments. Everyone is enjoying to the fullest. The artist has shown every minute details very nicely and clearly. This colourful painting can adorn your living area, puja room or the lobby area. It enhances the decor of the hotel / restaurant / any commercial reception area or the office area.