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Round Matka Shape Terracotta Vase With Intricate Madhubani HandPainting

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We currently have 1 in stock.
We currently have 1 in stock.

These artistic matka shape vases with Madhubani style hand-painted are collection of beautiful home accents. The Madhubani style of painting is inspired from the historic art of Madhuban. The vases painted with indigenous colours jet black and bright gold are surly a very good combination for modern and contemporary decor adding warmth of ethnic elegance. This colour combination make these vases exquisite with the touch of Ancient Indian lifestyle. The tribal art, depicting the Indian Tribal Culture and Lifestyle, on terracotta vases are hand-painted by the tribal people of India. These home decorative miniature pots / matki vases for perfect for shelf, niche, tables and side tables as well as a perfect miniature decor for your garden, balcony.