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Sara Villakku or Hanging Lamp 

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We currently have 2 in stock.
We currently have 2 in stock.

The word '‪‎Samai ' is derived from the persian sama, which means a lamp. A beautiful South Indian Lamp to light the nook and the corners of your home and bring good luck and prosperity. A Traditional oil lamp stands tall for lighting in puja altar. A beautiful ‪Hanging Swastik Samai (brass oil lamp) also known as ‪Sara Vilakku.

Lighting lamp / diya in front of the home deity is an integral part of our day to day activity. In all Indian homes, the lamp is lit at dawn or at dawn-dusk both the times. Lighting lamp is an integral part of any traditional functions/rituals. Goddess is worshipped and honored with offerings and oil lamps to add brightness to your puja altar. Light signifies the path of wisdom and the path of divinity. Flame also signifies the power of all the beings. It is said that viewing a ghee-lit lamp in the morning shall stabilize both the eyes and the thoughts. It is good omen. Pagathebushanam, an old classic goes on to say that Godess Lakshmi’s permanent abode is in the lamp. Sadaprada stotram says that one should not enter an unlit temple. Jains extol the greatness of lamps with the name ‘balideepam’. In Marwaris and Gujratis, it is said that a house which does have a lamp all day would fall into poverty.

While water agitates and takes the dirt with it, flows to the depths and is sometimes a breeding ground for insects. On the other hand, a lamp dissipates dirt as smoke upwards, always points and grows upwards, kills insects and keeps the eyes cool. The lamp mainly consists of two parts, the internal and the external part. Knowledge is the internal part and the part that identifies the internal is the external part of the lamp.  

These Sara Vilakku along with the brass chain for hanging are made using premium raw materials, to ensure better quality and longer life