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The Mughal period in Indian history had seen widespread cultural development, especially in the field of miniature paintings. The miniature art was introduced to India during this time. The Indian artists particularly developed further this art in their own style using strong lines and bold colours set in harmonious patterns. This particular art is known as Rajput or Rajasthani miniature paintings.  These paintings are like binocular through which we can see the Medieval history of India. The art of miniature paintings in India became one of the richest and most productive schools. The painting developed particularly from Nathdwara on cloth got famous as Pichwai paintings. In the miniatures painted during the time of Mughal Empire and the Rajput kings have generally depicted the life style of the kings. 

Sawari Of Maharaja and Procession Painting, a big wall size miniature painting on cloth depicts royal mughal procession. The colours used in this art are the natural stone colours. It features the ruler proudly riding his richly adorned Elephant with his queen. His high status is shown by many necklaces & rich garment, the attendants by his side. Various other people are there in the procession either walking or riding elephants or horses with the royal court in the background.

The bright backdrop of the painting enhances the decor of your home, living area, your office reception area, office cabin, conference rooms, restaurants. They are best suited when placed in series.