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Terracotta Handpainted Warli Tappered Shape Vases

Rs. 680
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A very charming and ethnic bright colours earthen miniatures set of 3 in terracotta. This beautifully handcrafted terracota vase set is in different matki and tapered shape. These vases are beautifully decorated with the Warli art, native to the tribals of Maharashtra. The painting depicts the village life style on the pots with red, yellow, blue and green colours. Beautiful hand painting has been done around the neck of vases. The unique orange colour border along with the pale golden colour around the neck makes the set look very beautiful when decorated tastefully. It is handpainted with acrylic colours. The minimal design on this pot will give a classy appeal to your room. You can put these on a shelf or on your side table, a perfect miniature decor for your garden, balcony.