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Tree of Life

Rs. 15,500
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Tree of a Life ! A very different Acrylic frame for wall hanging.

The tree of life is a magical and mystical tree. It is known from ancient times in many cultures. Though it is known by different names in each religion, in each culture, its meaning is same in all, the source of life. The symbols of the tree of life are comprised of all the aspects of the tree. The roots go deep and the trunk establishes a foundation. The branches spread out for living. The leaves collect the strength and the fruits coming from same tree. One can extract the meaning of the tree from its symbols. The tree of life provides the breath (spiritual nature of air) of life, leaves are considered for healing.

This very meaningful concept has been created on acrylic frame. The tree is made from reflective acrylic and placed on the platform. This platform is made from wood which is covered with tightly pressed velvet cloth.

This small frame of a branch is an awesome art work as a mural !!