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Wooden Bongo Drum

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We currently have 1 in stock.
We currently have 1 in stock.

The small hourglass-shaped drum that the Lord Shiva holds in one of his hands in a specific gesture is called 'damaru-hasta'. The two sides of the drum separated from each other by a thin neck-like structure represents the two utterly different states of existence, unmanifest and manifest. When a damaru is shaken, it produces Nada, the cosmic sound of AUM, which can be heard during deep meditation. According to Hindu scriptures, Nada is the source of creation. This is one of the attributes of Shiva in his famous dancing representation known as Nataraja.
This lovely, hand craved, hand held double ended drum has an intricate pattern. This Damaru Prayer drum is can be used for ceremonies, traditional dances or just as a fun and unique multicultural musical instrument. This instrument is ideal for children and works much like the monkey drum. Along with Damaru, we have got Painted Djembe Drum also. A small hand painted 20cm Djembe Drum is the perfect size for children. Each Djembe Drum has an original style and is painted in rich, exotic colours by local crafts people. A perfect instrument for learning how to play the djembe and developing early percussion skills. It is often played in groups along with other percussion instruments.

It is a perfect gift for bringing rhythm to somebody's life, whilst small enough to not take over the room. This drum is hand painted so designs will vary. This djembe is a cute gift, little decorated drum with dot painted designs. Whilst not a very loud instrument, it is great for finger drumming exercises.