Wooden Cow Stand

Rs. 8,500
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Again this is a nice collectible from old wood with very good carving on it! This carved wooden pot in ancient times was used to put Kumkum / Sindoor in temple. Apart from this now a days this refurbished can also be used to store small collectibles or just as an artifact or décor item. This wooden pot has nice carvings on the pot along with the nicely carved cows in 4 corners of the pot to give it a unique shape and texture. Over time each piece has taken on a unique vintage patina that could never be copied. They may have small marks and scratches on them and there may be some variation in their colour, which are consistent with their age and original use. Complement the chunky design with a thick and pastel coloured candle to create a warm inviting room. Just as an artifact it will enhance any decor by putting it on a stand in any room, or in any corner. Along with purpose of an artifact, it can be used as jewellery holder on the traditional or contemporary style dressing mirror table. In the restaurants / hotel lobby area, it will be a very good addition to the theme of old style wooden collectables.

Size : H7" x W8" x D8"