Wooden Egg Holder

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Pallanghuzi, or Pallankuli was a indoor game in ancient times. This is a traditional Mancala game played in South India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Variants are called as Ali guli mane in Kannada, Vamana guntalu in Telugu, and Kuzhipara in Malayalam. Now a days this nice wooden artifact can just be used as an decorative artifact or as its name suggests it be used as a wooden egg holder to keep the eggs safe. Or it is a very good wooden collectible which can be used as holder for the Tea Lights (diyas). It is good, giving traditional look for Puja, uncomplicated and stylish solution to keep the Puja Thali Ingredients in one place. One other use is to keep the different Rangoli colours in the cups. This looks much neat and tidy. This provides a great and simple solution a lady in kitchen with various spices available in one box. 

Size : H3" x W19" x D6"