Wooden Musical Lady Figure

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We currently have 5 in stock.
We currently have 5 in stock.

This wooden artifact represents Gujarat style folk musicians or wooden folk art statues. These are portrayed playing various musical instruments, dressed with colourful clothe and high headdress. Bright colours gives special Indian look and touch. The beauty lies in the enhanced details be it dress, expression or music instrument.

In old times, it would have been part of a screen or paneling in a bungalow or temple as it has a fixing hole in the base and PEG holes on the head crown to decorate it.

There is wide range of the wooden musical lady figures available, holding various musical instruments in different poses. These are rare artifacts as they are wall hanging type. These are hand crafted, hand painted wall hangings with fine  woodwork on it. These wooden Lady Musician Figures are of vintage style, of best quality. A Very Decent and Ethnic Wall Hanging Sculpture from Western India. An Ideal gift from our Indian culture, as an artifact, showpiece item, for Wedding Decoration, etc.