Wooden Pedestals

Rs. 8,000
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These wooden pedestals known as "Khambhas" in olden days. Obtained from very ancient sites, these khambhas are then refurbished in various shapes and sizes to suit the modern life style. These pillars are made of hand carved natural aged wood and can make very unique Diya Stands or Candle Stands. They feature natural wood grain details throughout. Simple and elegant candle stands made of wood. These candle pillars are rustic, chic and natural. Crafted from solid wood and finished with a clear stain to encourage the rich natural grain to peek through. Each candlestick features unique carved design.

Add some old-world elegance to your home with this set of carved candlesticks. Candle stick holders are perfect to decorate any room. It contains a dish to catch dripping wax. These log pillar candles are the perfect accessory for anyone’s table or elevate your dinner parties with the varying heights of these classic, white pillar candleholders. These delicately embellished candlesticks will bring a lovely, classic feel to their surroundings.

The intricate carvings and artful shapes are both eye-catching and decorative. Natural & pretty, this brown wooden pillar candle holder brings a touch of organic beauty to your home.
These Pillar Candle Holder can be used as an artifact with rustic finish or it can also be used to lit a thick candle on it to enhance your area. It will look beautiful in Living Room, Dining Area, Hotel Entrance Lobby area, Puja Ghar at home, etc. Use the big bold candle to give a stylish look and relaxing atmosphere.